Liquid Assets MS LLC SERIVES

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Weekly or Bi-Weekly Cleaning

Weekly Cleaning $50 (a stop) + Price of chemicals added Bi-Weekly $70 (a stop) + Price of chemicals added
This includes checking baskets, emptying cleaner bags/ baskets, testing chemicals and adding what is needed, skim top of water, brush walls (if needed), battery power vacuum (if needed)

Chemical Stop

Chem Stop $30 (a stop)
+ Price of chemicals added
This includes checking chemicals and adding what is needed

Spring Opening

$25 per stop
+ chemicals (one time cost)
Clean swimming pool from fall and debris balance water chemistry

Fall and Winter Closing

$150 – One Time
Safety Covers Only, We will install a safety cover and put a winter pill in skimmer for better water clarity for opening.

Green to Clean (GTC)

$1,500 – One Time
Drain and refill plus chemicals to balance.

Filter Cleaning

4 Cartridge Filter Clean $100 Single Cartridge Filter Clean $50

Service Call

$125 for the 1st hour and $85 every hour after that.

Additonal Services

  • Warranty For Jandy
  • Authorized Jandy Dealer and warranty Center
  • Leak repairs and Detection
  • Liner Replacement
    Automation and Variable Speed
  • Pumps Programming $125 Per hour.
  • Pool School Or Homeowner operating Class $50
  • Skim Vacuum $20 (vacuuming of small debris such as dirt or sand)
  • Vacuum to Waste $100 (Vacuuming of thick algae or sludge)
  • Salt Cell Cleaning $50
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